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The iVenturer Bazaar – event for investors and entrepreneurs started in Moscow

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On November 25, the seventh episode of the show, organized by the iVenturer Foundation investment fund, took place in Trekhgorka Recreation Center. The main goal of the project, created by the foundation in April 2016, is to integrate Russian startups into the global venture business. iVenturer Bazaar provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a chance to announce their projects, get expert advice and find domestic or foreign investors. The founders of the iVenturer Bazaar event are searching for the best domestic projects in 25 regions of Russia, selecting the most promising startups virtually all over the country.

iVenturer Bazaar: Alexey Olin

At the event, novice developers presented dozens of projects to the jury and potential investors.
In an interview with RT, Alexey Olin, chairman of the board of the iVenturer Foundation, says: “Our task is to “seed” as many projects as possible, we do not limit ourselves, we have completely different stories. Both traditional tools and what is currently at the peak of demand – VR, neural networks, various marketplaces, services that allow you to increase sales. Our goal is to “sow” as much as possible and see where it will rise.”

iVenturer Bazaar: Vasily Bykov

iVenturer Bazaar: Tatiana Alexandrova

During the event, the founders of startups and members of the expert jury talked about the competitive advantages of Russian projects and the contribution of accelerators to the development of venture business in Russia. The main objectives of the iVenturer startup incubator are to help young companies promote their own projects and develop a favorable investment climate in the startup community of Russia.



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