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Open Innovations is an evolutionary stage in the development of the international Open Innovations Forum, which over the past 12 years has become one of the most famous and significant platforms dedicated to innovation. The Forum is among the official events of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.

A community of world’s greatest scientists together with the leaders of corporations — key players in knowledge-intensive industries — will build, based on the basis of the Forum’s discussions, a chain of future technological development of certain markets and various spheres of human life.

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The pandemic crisis continues to have the strongest systemic impact on business, with executives taking urgent action to protect employee health and strengthening company resilience, while governments are working to keep citizens safe and prevent economic damage. All this affects the structure of investments, sales and market shares and development strategies.


The new situation in the global economy last year and this has required companies to rethink both corporate and HR strategies. The new reality dictates the demand for individuality. The transition from mass standardization to mass uniqueness will make it possible to fully realize the economic potential.
The “bet per person” takes place not only in the corporate sector, but also in other significant segments of the economy. The needs of the individual are often the starting point for global changes in entire industries. Formation of personality as a foundation is no longer a narrow specialization of human capital, human-centeredness is a cross-functional work, affecting, among other things, profitability and scaling.


Anthropogenic impact on the environment is one of the most important issues on the global agenda. Companies today are setting ambitious goals, with an increasing focus on sustainable development in their planning, as realizing opportunities in this area is directly linked to long-term benefits.


The #MoscowVision conference will be a bright accent of the Forum’s program, revealing the connection between the ecosystem of the agglomeration, on the territory of which the technology business is developing, with its success, both in the local and foreign markets.
The #MoscowVision conference will present the relationship between the technological development agenda of a metropolis and the challenges facing humans, from a pandemic to personal cybersecurity, carbon neutrality and the need for an energy transition.
Public discussions will continue on the EXPO-2030 mega-project as a testing ground for trying out the hypotheses of harmonious technological development in the city of Moscow and further scaling up these practices throughout Russia and the world.

Something From Backstage

The focus is on a wide range of areas of technological development, supported by the Government of the Russian Federation, ranging from technologies of new materials, communications and AI, to quantum computing and communications. The top officials of the largest Russian companies and corporations in charge of certain high-tech areas, technology developers and specialists in their implementation will present their vision and roadmaps for the development of technologies in the upcoming years, and technology developers and small technology companies will present their solutions that can accelerate the development of industries.


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