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Representatives of Binance, DAO.Finance and Huobi will visit Moscow to discuss the rebranding of the crypto industry at iVenturer Foundation

On February 13, in Moscow, at the Trekhgorka Recreation Center, the ALTERGATE Foundation will present the CRYPTO.REBRANDING discussion panel.

The main topics are “REBRANDING”, “INVESTMENTS” and “SECURITY”. We have provided two forms of attendance for the participants: an event at the Trekhgorka Recreation Center and a professional webinar in which you can ask questions to speakers online

“It is necessary to develop a market with strong players, using effective marketing methods and rules of the game that are understandable to all those who are interested in developing the digital economy,” said Evgeny Galiakhmetov, head of the Altergate Foundation.

Among the participants of the main part of the discussion panel are representatives of the “whales” of the crypto and blockchain industry, such as BINANCE, HUOBI, DAO.Finance and the ambitious new company Crypto Telecom, which will be presented by Igor Bityukikh.

The lot of these participants will fall to answer the main questions:

  • why do we need a rebranding in the crypto market?
  • What are the most effective marketing rules?
  • who is the main audience of consumers of blockchain technologies?
  • how are you planning to expand the boundaries of the market?
  • how to eliminate the impact of the negative reputation of scam projects?
  • What safety rules must be followed?

The discussion will begin with a discussion of the rebranding rules and how they can be applied to digital economy projects. Sergey Mitrofanov, an international expert in the field of organizational development strategy and strategic branding, will be the key speaker of the discussion panel. The expert will share his professional point of view and reveal the topic of “The Power of Rebranding”.

The “investment” part of the discussion will be devoted to the topic “The impact of the reputation of companies on making an investment decision.”

It will be additionally attended by:

Evgeny Galiakhmetov, founder of the Altergate Fund;

Denis Efremov, head of IT&Blockchain at Da Vinci Capital;

Alexey Olin, founder of the IVenturer Foundation & DAO.Finance;

Vasily Bannikov, Group-IB specialist;

Vlad Bulochnikov, co-founder of the ChatEx platform.

The final part of the discussion will focus on cybersecurity, the most important topic in the field of the digital economy, which affects not only the reputation of many participants, but also the development of this market as a whole.

And also, about the ways to quickly and securely exchange cryptocurrencies, which will be discussed by Vlad Bulochnikov, Co-founder of the p2p platform CHATEX.

The moderators will be Olga Dvoretskaya (CSHP CLUB) and Olga Kutsenko (Smart Country).

The organizer of the event, CSHP CLUB, will present its new product in digital marketing and brand positioning — D-BRAND, developed jointly with MIRANIT.

The moderators will be Olga Dvoretskaya, founder of the CSHP CLUB, and Olga Kutsenko, co-producer of the Smart Country project.

In addition, at the event, the CSHP CLUB will present the D-BRAND Internet marketing service, which will allow companies to form their brand and promote it in the digital space.

Date: February 13 at 15:00; Location: Moscow, Rochdelskaya 15, building 12A, Trekhgorka Recreation Center.


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