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February 13, 2024/

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are among the fastest growing sectors of the global economy, attracting significant investment and attention from experts. Aleksey Olin, head of the iVenturer Foundation specializing in these areas, recently added Biotech Alliance, SL.Pharma, TERRATECH Group and a trading company MEDCANN to his portfolio and is demonstrating impressive results over the…

June 1, 2023/

[playht_listen_button inline="yes" tag="p"] The Ministry of Health has developed a program for the treatment of PTSD. Russians with post—traumatic stress disorder used to be helped by related recommendations – as patients with anxiety disorders and something similar. But now the issue has become especially relevant, so I had to deal with it closely.…

December 8, 2019/

Founded in 2015, VIMANA Global is developing a hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) designs with fore and aft tilting wings, each with four electric propellers, for a total of eight propellers for the entire aircraft, powered by electric motors. The Autonomous Aerial Vehicles are intended to address traffic congestion in…

February 11, 2019/

On February 13, in Moscow, at the Trekhgorka Recreation Center, the ALTERGATE Foundation will present the CRYPTO.REBRANDING discussion panel. The main topics are “REBRANDING”, “INVESTMENTS” and “SECURITY”. We have provided two forms of attendance for the participants: an event at the Trekhgorka Recreation Center and a professional webinar in which you can ask…

December 11, 2018/

How many times in your life is a person given a chance to change the world and get rich? I am talking about those turning points in the economy when new vectors of development appear and as a result not only a paradigm shift, but also a change of faces in the rankings…

February 1, 2018/

[playht_listen_button inline="yes" tag="p"] Single- and four-seat Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) designs are being developed by VIMANA Global, Inc. The AAVs have fore and aft tilting wings, each with four electric propellers powered by electric or hybrid-electric motors. VIMANA is an international company with headquarters in Redwood City, California, and offices in the United Arab…

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