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Alexander Galitsky – founder of ALmaz Capital Partners Fund and Aleksey Olin – founder of iVenturer share their expectations about The Open Innovations Forum.

The fifth annual Open Innovations Forum will begin its work on Wednesday. This year it will be held for the first time at the Skolkovo Technopark. The main topic of the forum is “Growth Technologies”

More than 12 thousand guests from 30 countries will participate in the event.

Alexey Olin, founder of iVenturer, shares his expectations from the upcoming forum:

– This time I am glad that our iVenturer Foundation has the opportunity to co-organize this forum, or rather, one of the sessions, and, in my opinion, it is very important that this time such an important industry as an investment show was included in the program, this is the search for project development, work with them, provision of resources, conditions and competencies. This is one of the most important vectors of innovative development for the industry and for the whole country.

– During the crisis, the perception of new innovative projects somehow changes, maybe some other tasks are set for you specifically as a foundation?

– In this case, there were only small changes in activity, maybe a slight re-profiling of investors, that is, they began to invest less in risky projects, and began to pay more attention to the real sector and to what is working directly now, what solves some pressing problems. Although, in general, long-term investors who are interested in long-term investments have now become more active.

Alexander Galitsky, founder of ALmaz Capital Partners Fund, shares his expectations from the upcoming forum:
“Speaking purely about the forum itself, the forum is useful, and it is good that it is becoming a tradition, because people should get into the habit that some things can be discussed here, some moments not only of the Russian technological world, but it is also good if it is instilled on a global scale. Trying to do this is a normal tradition. What I liked this time was that it was less pretentious, more down-to-earth, aimed at the technology entrepreneur in general, at least according to the agenda, the entrepreneur’s accessibility in communicating with the innovative world. Big companies, small companies — this is obvious, as it seems to me, I see a common benefit in this.”

Traditionally, the Open Innovations Forum will be attended by the Prime Minister of Russia. Dmitry Medvedev will speak at the plenary session on the first day of the forum.



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