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Biotech Alliance is a dynamic and innovative group of companies operating in the biotechnology sector. With a strong focus on research, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge biotech solutions, Biotech Alliance is at the forefront of driving advancements in various industries.

The Biotech Alliance group of companies is engaged in the development, testing and registration of medicinal preparations based on extracts of medicinal plants and their synthetic analogues. We create revolutionary solutions in the field of biotechnology, medicine, agriculture, food industry and functional nutrition.

The company cooperates with the Scientific Center of Neurology, and also carries out joint scientific and practical activities in the field of cannabinoid analysis with the Federal State Budgetary Institution “National Medical Research Center of Psychiatry and Narcology named after V.P.Serbsky.

Priority areas:

  • Innovative solutions in the field of biotechnology;
  • Technologies for the manufacture and analysis of medicines.

At the core of Biotech Alliance’s success is its commitment to scientific excellence and collaboration. The group brings together a diverse team of talented scientists, researchers, and industry experts who work synergistically to tackle complex challenges and develop groundbreaking solutions. By fostering a culture of innovation and knowledge-sharing, Biotech Alliance has created an environment where ideas flourish and transformative technologies are born.

One of the key strengths of Biotech Alliance lies in its extensive portfolio of products and services. The group offers a wide range of biotech solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries. From pharmaceuticals and healthcare to agriculture and environmental sustainability, Biotech Alliance’s products have the potential to revolutionize these sectors and make a positive impact on society.

Furthermore, Biotech Alliance places great emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. The group is dedicated to developing eco-friendly and socially responsible solutions that minimize environmental impact and promote the well-being of communities. By integrating sustainability into its business strategies, Biotech Alliance sets itself apart as a responsible leader in the biotechnology field.

Collaboration is another cornerstone of Biotech Alliance’s operations. The group actively seeks partnerships with academic institutions, research organizations, and industry leaders to leverage collective expertise and accelerate progress. By fostering strong collaborations, Biotech Alliance aims to create a global network of innovators working towards common goals.

As a forward-thinking group, Biotech Alliance recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve. The company invests heavily in research and development to continuously push the boundaries of biotechnology. By embracing emerging technologies and exploring new frontiers, Biotech Alliance remains at the forefront of scientific advancements, ensuring its position as a pioneer in the industry.

Together with the FSBI National Medical Research Center of Psychiatry and Narcology named after V.P. Serbsky, Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov, the National Center of Neurology, the National Center of Narcology, the Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other leading specialists of the Biotechnological Alliance conducts research and development in the fields of:

  • biotechnology;
  • laboratory processing of medicinal plants in order to create medicinal and cosmetological raw materials;
  • medicinal plants;
  • optimization of cultivation technologies;
  • development of formulations of food additives, dietary supplements and medicines;
  • production of medicines;
  • carries out joint scientific and practical activities in the field of cannabinoid analytics.

In conclusion, Biotech Alliance is a dynamic and innovative group of companies that is revolutionizing the biotechnology sector. With a strong commitment to scientific excellence, collaboration, sustainability, and innovation, Biotech Alliance is poised to shape the future of various industries through its transformative biotech solutions.

For more information visit Biotech Alliance official website.

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